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Physical security of your computer workstations

The security and confidentiality of data is an important issue for your company. VigiLock CS protects your computer workstations against physical access in the absence of their assigned user.

Your employees frequently travel and use public transport, take a breakfast in public places, bringing their laptop there. VigiGuard keeps an eye on your employees' monitors and alerts them immediately in case of an attempted theft.

The theft of laptops in your company can have serious consequences. VigiScan continuously monitors your critical workstations (whether running or off) so they are not subject to theft.

Geolocation Indoor and Outdoor for people on dangerous areas

Your production center requires human intervention in potentially dangerous areas.

You need to be informed immediately about the entry and the exit of your employees in sensitive areas of your facility.

Vigipost allows you to set the outdoor and indoor areas, and to monitor the movement of people in these areas. This system warns you of a unauthorized entry of a non-qualified employee. It also allows you to keep the traceability of passages. Finally, it allows the employee to report that he is in trouble.