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FAQ Vigilock CS


What are the supported operating systems?
All Windows systems from XP. Soon, Mac OS and Linux.
I have a new computer. How to transfer Vigilock?
Simply place the USB drive to your new computer and configure the driver of the new PC with the system administrator.
If I reinstall the operating system on my computer, must I reinstall VigiLock?
Yes, if the driver has been installed on the same disk than the operating system.
Can I install my VigiLock on a single user profile?
Where is the best place for my USB key?
To guarantee safe operation, it is recommended to place the USB key beside the workstation (avoid putting it behind the screen).
Can I decide myself of the locking and unlocking distance?
Yes, within the limits set by the system administrator of your site.
How to disable the system?
This can only be decided and configured by your system administrator.
I do not want to use the VigiLock unlocking system. Can I continue to use this system beside a fingerprint recognition system?
Yes. In this case, your administrator must configure the driver to manage only the locking procedure. The unlocking procedure will be made by the biometric system.
Can you configure two users on the same workstation?
Yes. Similarly, a user can be configured on multiple workstations.

Security - Fiability

Does my computer send something by radio via the USB key?
No. Nothing comes out of your computer. The radio link is exclusively from the badge holder to the USB key.
If I plug in my USB drive on another computer as mine, will it allow me to access it?
Is the secondary monitor will also be locked by VigiLock?
Yes, because VigiLock makes a true locking of the operating system.
Is VigiLock authorized on plane?
VigiLock is authorized on plane, except in takeoff and landing times.
Can a hacker capture a code issued by the badge and emit it with an self-made electronic device?
No, because the codes are uniquely generated. Thus, a transmitted code can not be reused subsequently.
What happens in a place with many badges or a high density of workstations?
The VigiLock systems are designed to coexist without any problem, including in open space offices.
What happens if I move my computer during my work day?
The system is designed to ensure that there will be no interruption and no influence on other badges and workstations.
What happens when you disconnect the USB key?
If the user is not at his workstation, it will be already locked. If he is there, it will lock instantly the workstation, because it no longer receives the code from the badge.

Privacy - Health

Are the emitted waves dangerous for health?
The waves are emitted in frequency ranges permitted in Europe and North America, also in hospital. Moreover, unlike WiFi or mobile applications, the badge does not need to manage long distance. So it emits at extremely low power, which also explains the high duration of the battery. To give orders of magnitude, the transmitted power is 100 times lower than that of a WiFi access point and 1,000 times smaller than a mobile phone.
Are data stored on the badge?
No personal or utility data is stored. The tag transmits its unique encrypted code on a regular basis.
Is VigiLock conform to current regulations?
VigiLock complies with CE and EMC requirements in the EU and USA.
Are my hours of attendance and absences recorded?
No. Vigilock does not store or transmit any information on the presence or absence of the user it protects.
Can you follow my movements in the company?
No. Communications between the card holder and the receiver (connected to the USB port of the workstation) are encrypted. It is not possible for the USB key to decrypt a message from another badge.


How do you recharge the battery of the badge?
The battery of the badge holder can be recharged using the USB cable. During this short period of time (a 45 minute cooldown charges the battery to about 80%), the workstation is locked and unavailable because the badge holder is automatically turned off. After the reactivation, the operating system asks the user to enter his password.
Are data stored on the badge?
No personal or utility data is stored. The tag transmits its unique encrypted code on a regular basis.
Should we change from time to time the batteries?
The battery supports about 400 cycles of loading and unloading, which is a life of approximately 6 years.
What will happen if I forget to charge the battery of my badge?
The driver installed on the workstation continuously monitors the charge level of the battery. It warns the user several times and several hours before the battery exhaustion. If the battery is not charged in time, the badge will turn off and the workstation is no longer accessible. It is necessary in this case to reload the badge holder for ten minutes, which will provide enough power for a full day.


How to do, if, for security reasons, the USB ports of my workstation have been disabled?
The VigiLock system uses a USB HID connection (the same type of connection than a keyboard or mouse). In general, in case of disabled USB ports, the administrator continues to allow the use of HID devices. Otherwise, the opening of the USB ports on a particular descriptor should be considered.
What will happen if I forgot my badge at home?
The workstation is not usable. It is necessary to call your system administrator to disable the service in a given period.
What can I do if my badge was lost or stolen?
Remove the USB drive of your computer and keep it with you. Then, contact the system administrator to permanently disable your badge. He will then assign you a new one.
I have to give my computer to someone. How should I do it ?
If this must be done outside of your presence, it will be necessary to ask the system administrator to temporarily set up on your computer the badge of the person you want to lend your workstation.
What happens to you if I work while leaving my badge placed next to my computer, instead of wearing it on me?
We can recognize this case and optionally causing the locking of the workstation if necessary.This behavior of VigiLock system is decided by your system administrator.