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Vigilock Core

The background and your risk

Exposed to security threats, subject to regulatory constraints, protecting your information system is a strategic security issue.

Your company operates in a sensitive sector. In the all-digital era, it sees its scientific and technological data threatened every day.

Your products, your customers, your technologies make your competitors desperate to know your strategic directions, your lines of research and results, the tenders process you are in, your prices, your profit.

Workstations sometimes are left freely accessible

When the user temporarily leaves his workstation, the security of its position is based on :

  • A manual operation causing the locking of the session. In practice, this requirement is rarely respected ;
  • The lock timeout of the session, which allows free access to the workplace for a while.

The solution VigiLock Core

Vigilock Core

Patented in France and abroad, VigiLock Core allows you to ensure that your sensitive workstations are locked as soon as their normal user moves away. This gives you the certainty that even in a very brief absence of an employee whose workstation is protected, no third party has access to its applications or its data.

Elements constituting the VigiLock CS protection

Vigilock CS