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VigiScan (en développement)

All company types combined, 7.12% of computers are lost each year

According to the Ponemon Institute, this average rises to 8.25% for companies having between 10,000 and 25,000 employees.

Even if it can be a deterrent, video surveillance does not solve everything. Regulatory constraints mean that employees must be informed of its usage and equipment locations. Moreover, it is impossible for an operator to distinguish a bag containing sports equipment with a bag containing a stolen computer.

Some companies offer solutions to track a stolen computer. However, this presupposes that the software in question is not discovered by the thief and that he will make the mistake of connecting the stolen computer to the Internet, which is very unlikely for acts of economic espionage.

VigiScan, active protection of your computer

With VigiScan, your desktops are under supervision even when turned off. Attempted theft will result in an alarm on a monitoring software that we entrust to your central monitoring (internal or external), immediately indicating the geographical point of your company where the theft is taking place, and the name of the workstation's owner.

For laptops that can be carried away by his regular owner, our VigiLock CS system allows you to control the shutdown of the laptop by its sole owner. This will stop the monitoring of this specific laptop by informing the monitoring software that the situation is normal.