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Some of your employees work in dangerous areas

Your production tool is now secure. However, an accident is always possible.

You have set up access control systems for hazardous areas. However, because of their cost, these systems can not be used to define many relatively small areas, of different degrees of danger and work permit.

Today, what means do you have to make sure :

VigiSpot allows you to track the movements of your employees in hazardous areas

The solution VigiSpot must apply exclusively to cases of tracking the movements of employees allowed by the regulations. VigiSpot consists of :

The monitoring software receives the information of presence and the identity of equipped employees. It checks the access rules defined for the area where it operates. If necessary, he warns of an anomaly.

In case of incident, the monitoring system allows to find which employees were exposed and for how long in a dangerous area.

Finally, by the push of a button on the VigiLock CS badge holder, an employee can report a problem. The monitoring system will immediately be notified of this fact.